The Mystical Histories Project


It is our intention, those of us belonging to the Order of the White Dragon, to present the history of the world as seen through dragons' eyes.

The stories we call The Mystical Histories will reveal the hidden mystical history of Gaia and the life that she allows to exist upon and within her physical self, the planet you call Earth.

These myriad stories may sound familiar in certain ways. Perhaps you have heard them in differing forms, the themes resonating in other tales and myths.

The first book of the Tasa's Passage Trilogy, Tasa's Path, has just been released!

A short tale, Crossing Jack, is available for ninety-nine cents on Kindle.

"Let us walk awhile and perhaps you will learn something. Perhaps you will learn something of your own truth." from Tasa's Path


This site is a work in progress. Please visit again, and often, to enjoy more tales from the realm beyond the veil of belief. Over the course of the next few years we will be releasing many more stand-alone short stories, books two and three of the Tasa's Passage Trilogy, novellas, and novels that are all inter-related and weave a larger tapestry.

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