Write From the Heart

Personal Sessions of Inspiration and Story Consultation

I believe we all have a story to tell. I believe we all have a creative spirit within us. Whether you are writing for a personal pastime or for publication, I can assist you in finding your own true voice and guide you in expressing yourself creatively.

Creative people rely on the ability to consistently access clear inspiration. The word “inspiration” shares its origins with the words “spirit” and “breath.” The enhancement of this creative spirit is vital to your enjoyment of life.

Do you need Inspiration to begin, or to continue? An Inspirational Session can help you in the practice of:

·         Liberating yourself from blocked energy
·         Acquiring techniques to stimulate intuition
·         Achieving a constant flow of creative energy

Do you seek a Consultation Session on your writing? I will review your first 15 pages (traditional manuscript formatting) and offer you honest and friendly feedback by Skype or phone. In-person sessions are available in Orange County, California.

It is easy to schedule a session.

An Inspiration Session (60 minutes by Skype or phone) or Consultation Session (reading of the first 15 pages of your manuscript and 30 minutes Skype or phone conversation) with author Jeffrey J. Michaels is $90.00 US.



Email me at jeffjm55@gmail.com to set up your appointment time and to arrange for receipt of your manuscript pages (for a Consultation Session).

You will receive an invoice from paypal, payable with your PayPal account or any credit card.

I will call you at the selected time. (U.S. calls) International caller process will be determined on an individual basis. In-person appointments can be scheduled in Orange County, California as available.