Southern California Writers Conference 2016

As an author I get asked a lot of questions about process and creativity. “How do I get started as a writer? What resources exist to help me create a complete, quality manuscript? I feel so isolated. Am I the only one out here? Is there a community where I can exchange, share, and explore ideas?”

The Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC) can offer a full and comprehensive education into every facet of writing faced by a twenty-first century author.

When I first attended the Southern California Writers Conference in 2008 I was a seasoned book reader, student of cinema, and an amateur author. I had written quite a bit, but never followed through into publication. At that time, the term “self-published” meant “inferior writer.” It was certainly something to be avoided! Since that time there has been an explosion of creative outlets and a rapid shift in attitude. Options for publication continue to grow.

The Southern California Writers Conference has evolved along with these changes, offering leading-edge workshop sessions embracing the new world of publishing. I have grown into a polished and published author, largely due to my attendance and participation with the SCWC. The reality of today's publishing world shared at this annual event is vital to modern day writers who seek to tell their stories and gain an audience.

The dedication to craft that I witness is outstanding. Within this group there is no competition or rivalry. There is abundant support and no one takes a superior position. We learn from each other. Often the most transformative experiences occur at the Rogue Read and Critiques. Each author brings a sample of their work to be read aloud. This is where we, as authors, expose our work to one another and begin to bond through open conversation and sharing of thoughts and ideas. Conferees become community. There is also an option (scheduled pre-conference through the website) to have work critiqued by an experienced author, editor, or agent. This tends to be quite enlightening.

I am now on staff as a presenter for the conference. I still enjoy attending other workshops, Read and Critiques, and experiencing the community of writers. I am constantly learning and am grateful for the opportunities and support. This year I will be presenting two workshops at the Southern California Writers conference: "Write from the Heart" and "The Long and Short of Storytelling."

SCWC 2016 will be held September 23-25 in Irvine, California. For more information, please visit their website at

Come join us!